#2 1000 Lb. STOCK     ADULT

#3 1000 Lb. STOCK     YOUTH


#5 1200 Lb. STOCK     ADULT

#6 1200 Lb. STOCK     YOUTH


#8 EXHIBITION  (all entries must be approved by pulling committee) 

 Class Definition  

HOMETOWN manufacturer stock no weight brackets no hitch modifications

"STOCK altered" Manufactured parts altered for pulling and safety.
"HOT STOCK" Major modifications from stock.



Helmets are mandatory in all classes. 

No intentional jerking the sled. You must tighten chain before pulling.

Drivers must remain seated and keep at least one hand on steering wheel while pulling.

If at any point the tractor or sled crosses and/or touches the side boundary line you will be disqualified.

YOUTH class operators ages 7 thru 15 must be able to safely operate the tractor to the satisfaction of the pulling committee.

YOUTH class operators may be required to have a coach walk with tractor for the duration of the pull.

If anything falls off the tractor while it is on the track distance will be taken at that point.

The pulling committee will class and check all tractors, Their judgments are final.

No horseplay or alcoholic beverages permitted for drivers. If a committee member feels that alcohol is a factor you will be disqualified and asked to leave!

The pulling committee members reserve the right to add or amend rules to correct any problems that may arise.

The first puller in each class has the option to take or wave the pull and re-hook in 3rd or last position.

The flagmen’s decision is final.

If you stop your pull prior to the first cone you will have the option to pull again.

Have fun keep the spirit of competition alive!

Fire extinguishers are placed in two positions on track


Manufacture stock no modifications for pulling.

Lug/bar tires are recommended but not necessary

Deck can remain attached but belt removed for safety.

Snow plow/blower front stock option attachments allowed.

Loader, belly stock option attachments allowed.

Stock wheel weights allowed.

No add on weight brackets other than stock.

This class will not be weighed in.

If class warrents designation, it will be by horsepower and tire based

4X4s crawlers and tractors over 1200# will be allowed to pull as exhibition.


Stock garden tractors, up to 20 hp. gas or diesel.

Tractors must have turf or agriculture tread design tires. No professional or paddle type tires.

All tractors must have a rigid draw bar with a minimum 1-1/2” diameter hole for hook.

Maximum draw bar height will be 13 inches; no more than 6 inches back from the rear of the tire.

All weights must be safely secured to tractor and cannot fall off during pull.

NO attachments will be allowed.

Must have working governor. Engine cannot run over 3800 rpm.

No tire chains, no dual wheels, no locked differentials, no 4x4s, and no crawlers.

All open exhaust must discharge vertically or have a working muffler.

Must have wheelie bars and support tractors weight.

MUST have fenders, sheet metal can be modified but must be in place, sheet metal must be of stock appearance not necessarily same as chassis make

Must have clutch scatter guard in place

Front weights cannot extend more than 24 inches from center of the front tire

MUST have dead man throttle

MUST have kill switch

NO flat seats without back rest, bucket/pan seats allowed

Onboard fire extinguisher suggested


All general STOCK rules apply

Carburetor spacers allowed, after market carburetors allowed

Must have a working governor, 4000 rpm max

16 hp max flat head, 25 hp max v-twin

Frame modifications allowed, wheel base from center of back tire to the center of the front tire 7 foot maximum

Ignition modifications allowed, electronic ignition allowed

Internal components of the motor can be changed and/or mortified as long as external components of the block are stock, no aftermarket blocks or heads

Drive train modifications,  gear ratios, locked rear ends allowed, 6 mph limit

NO alcohol or methanol permitted, only Pump fuel, additives and racing fuel allowed

Cut tires, professional pulling tires, ATV tires, allowed, 12x12x26 tires max size

On board fire extinguisher required

All stock V-twins will pull in this class except HOMETOWN



Section 1:    State Line Garden Tractor Association SLGTA.COM LLC Inc.


Section 1:    To secure the fellowship, pleasures, and benefits of an association with persons commonly interested in antique power and garden tractors.

Section 2:    To build good character and sportsmanship through competition.

Section 3:    To provide affordable fun for the whole family.


Section 1:    Membership in this Club will be open to anyone with an interest in garden tractors, providing they have not been suspended from this Club for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Section 2:    Membership in the SLGTA consists of paying annual membership dues. 

Section 3:    Dues shall be established by President and Vice President prior to March Meeting of the general membership and are effective Jan 1 to Dec 31.   

Section 4:    Persons who have not paid their dues may attend regular Club meetings but may not participate in Club competitions, Club sponsored events or Club decision-making matters.

Section 5:    No prorated memberships.

Section 6:    Only members in good standing with an updated EDGE&TA membership shall have the privilege of participating including pulling at SLGTA sponsored events and voting at Club meetings.

Section 7:    Single membership dues: $20.00 consists of 1 person only.

Section 8:    Family membership dues: $40.00 consists of household members living under one roof.

Section 9:    Honorary Membership: By a majority vote of Club Members, any person who has rendered meritorious service to the Club may be elected as an Honorary Member without dues for any period of up to life.

Section 11:    Unsportsmanlike Conduct: A Club Member shall be penalized by a majority vote for:
1. Behavior that causes or can reasonably be expected to cause physical harm to another person, including but not limited to, harassment, either verbally or physically of another person or group.
2. Abusive, threatening, intimidating or vulgar language and actions in public.
3. Actions in direct and willful violation of club bylaws or other club rules and regulations.
4. Any other conduct that is deemed detrimental to the best interests of the club.

Section 12:    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties:
1.  First offense: Written warning.
2.  Second offense: Written warning, temporary suspension from voting or participation in any Club related activities for the duration of the next two events, said suspension overlapping into the next season if necessary. A member temporarily suspended herein may attend the rules meeting, but will not have voting privileges until their suspension expires.
3.  Third offense: Member shall be suspended from the Club indefinitely by majority vote of Club Members at any meeting where a quorum is present for re-admittance.

Section 13:    Notwithstanding the above, any Club Member who commits abuses which are serious enough in nature to cause the Membership to reasonably determine the act as criminal, illegal, terroristic or life threatening to any person or group, may be suspended immediately and indefinitely by majority vote of the Membership, at any meeting where a quorum is present for re-admittance.


Section 1:    Elections shall be held once a year at the Annual November meeting.

Section 2:    President: two-year term by a majority vote.

Section 3:    Vice President two-year term staggering presidents term by a majority vote.

Section 4:    Other Official’s Terms of Office: one year term by Nominations/volunteers for Secretary/Treasurer/Safety Officer, Committee Chairpersons and Committee Members will be accepted from the floor at the November meeting immediately prior to member election by majority vote.

Section 5:    A vacancy of the Secretary/Treasurer/Safety Officer or Committee Chairperson will be filled by member nomination/volunteer and majority vote of Club Members any meeting where a quorum is present for the remaining vacancies term.


Section 1:    President/Vise President/Treasurer/Secretary/Safety Officer: The affairs and business of the Club shall be conducted and managed by these members to be known as Directors.

Section 2:    Directors will also preside over meetings, safety decisions, protests and any unsportsmanlike conduct issues.

Section 3:    Secretary/Treasurer: These positions may be filled by the same member

Section 4:    Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence paper and digital, including email, website management and updates 

Section 5:    Secretary shall be responsible for the accurate recording of all motions, official actions taken at all meetings.

Section 6:    Secretary shall be responsible for keeping Club property records and all other important club documents.

Section 7:    Treasurer shall be responsible for Club finances. The Treasurer shall keep and maintain all records of fees, dues and monies collected and disbursed as authorized by the general membership. 

Section 8:    Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date, accurate, complete, and comprehensive records.

Section 9:    Treasurer shall be responsible for submitting regular financial statements monthly April through November at membership meetings

Section 10:    Treasurer shall prepare an annual financial statement for the annual meeting of the Club and generally perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a Treasurer.

Section 11:    President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer are under the complete supervision and direction of the membership.  Any action taken by the President and Secretary or Treasurer upon any order of club corporate or other business may only be as supervised and instructed by the membership.  This will include duties such as signing club corporate and other legal documents and performing other club legal and business duties requiring action by club Directors.

Section 12:    Vice President: To assist in decisions of the president and keep the good of the club as priority. 

Section 13:    To assist in the operation of club functions. 

Section 14:    To fill in in absence of President to ensure the President's plan is followed by directors and members.

Section 13:    Safety Officer: Responsible for Membership, spectator and tractor safety

Section 15:    To perform tech inspections, track inspections and equipment inspections to ensure placement of fire extinguishers, safety ropes and or barriers.

Section 16:    To make sure that all personnel on track are trained and qualified.

Section 17:    Committees: Each Committee shall consist of a Committee Chairperson and Committee Members.  All Committee Chairpersons are responsible to the President. Committee members are responsible to the Committee Chairperson. Each Committee shall perform duties including but not limited to those as described below.

Section 18:    Administration: Responsible for Club and pull administration.

Section 19:    Administration Committee shall generally perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent in the administration of an organization, including but not limited to producing forms for pull administration and scoring, membership lists, sponsorship contacts, newsletters. 

Section 20:    Line Up & Scales: Responsible for tractor line up, checking hitch height and scale weight monitoring.

Section 21:    Hooking & Unhooking: Responsible for hooking and unhooking tractors to the sled.

Section 22:    Track Maintenance: Responsible for track layout, marking track maintenance during pull, i.e. grading, raking and maintaining boundary lines.

Section 23:    Scheduling & Track/Grounds Preparation: Responsible for scheduling pulls, working with pull host contact for scheduling pull date, time, location, arranging contract, and getting contact for track building/preparation.  Individual Club members will work with pull host on track building and preparation.

Section 24:    Announcing: Responsible for announcing at pull.

Section 25:    Flagging: Responsible for grounds & track safety and flagging pull attempts.

Section 26:    Sled Operations and Maintenance:  Responsible of sled maintenance and sled operations at pull.

Section 27:    Sled Transport: Responsible for sled transportation including providing the secretary with photocopies of current liability insurance and driver’s licenses for all members who pull the club sled/trailer. 

Section 28:    No person or member will be allowed to pull the clubs sled/trailer without liability insurance and driver’s licenses information being on file with the club secretary.

Section 29:    Rules: Responsible for incorporating rules changes from Club meetings into the Rule book and for producing the Rule book. 

Section 30:    End OF Term: At the conclusion of his or her term of office, each Board member, President, Secretary/Treasurer and any Committee Chairperson or Committee member shall turn over to its successor or to the Board of Directors any and all documents, papers, records or other materials, written, digital or otherwise, and any and all funds entrusted to or acquired by him or her in connection with his or her services.


Section 1:    The fiscal year of the SLGTA shall be from November 1 to October 31.The SLGTA shall have an operating budget for each fiscal year developed by the Treasurer and approved by a majority vote. This budget will include, but will not be limited to the following items:

1.  Sled transportation at a rate set by Member vote.

2.  Office supplies, printing, sled and generator fuel, sled trailer license, water, lime, repair parts, maintenance supplies, materials, etc. These will be budget items whether they be reimbursed to members for expenses incurred on behalf of the Club, (receipts must be provided), or be items paid for by the treasurer or directors from the operating account.

3.  Annual insurance premiums.

4.  Annual awards banquet costs, including catering, meeting room rent, plaques, awards, and any other expenses.

5.  An additional 20% above normal listed budget items to help prevent excessive transfers between funds.

Section 2:    Additional expenditures above the approved budget will be decided as follows:

Expenditures up to $100 may be decided by Treasurer/account managers.

Expenditures over $100 shall be presented to the Club members for approval by majority vote at any meeting where a quorum is present.

Section 3:    SLGTA will operate from three separate and distinct funds.

Section 4:    Operating Fund will be the fund from which all budgeted expenses and any other purchases will be dispersed.  The Treasurer or account manager may disperse from the operating fund on budgeted club expenses and purchases as necessary.  This funds initial yearly amount will be equal to the year’s written operating budget.  In addition to funding Club budget items, the Operating fund may be used for major club purchases and emergencies.  If any additional expenditure will cause the operating fund to fall short of the budget amount, funds may be transferred from the permanent fund.  Funds in the Operating fund shall be kept in the Club’s checking account, and all Club payments will be made from the Operating Fund.

Section 5:    Permanent Fund will be for all income and/or monies exceeding the amount of the year’s Operating budget.  The Permanent Fund shall be used to cover Operating Fund shortages, which may occur in the event of major Club purchases or emergencies that arise.  Funds in the Permanent Fund may be dispersed to the Operating Fund by Treasure up to $300.  Designation of the use and the approval of any transfer amounts exceeding $300 shall require member approval at any meeting where a quorum is present.

Section 6:    Endowment Fund is for sums of money endowed upon the Club for its long term strength and benefit. 

Section 7:    If the endowment use is not specifically designated and if the amount of the endowment is large enough it shall be invested in a long term financial instrument: i.e. interest bearing CD or Money Market fund account.

Section 8:    If the amount of the endowment is not large enough for a CD or Money Market account and the endowment use is not specifically designated it shall be placed in an interest or non interest bearing savings account.

Section 9:    Interest paid to the Endowment Fund shall be paid to the Club’s Permanent Fund.  

Section 10:    Funds disbursed from the Endowment Fund will be to the operating fund. Designation of the use and the approval of any such transfer must be approved by the Club membership at any meeting where a quorum is present.

Section 11:    Fund Flow: At the beginning of each fiscal year, funds will be transferred from the permanent fund into the operating fund to bring the operating fund up to the budget amount.

Section 12:    The permanent fund should never be entirely depleted, and at least the amount required by the financial institution shall be left in this fund in order to keep the account open. 

Section 13:   

Section 14:    In the event that the permanent fund does not have sufficient funds to bring the operating fund up to the budget amount, then any income received by the club from that point forward will go into the operating fund until the budget amount is reached.  

Section 15:     Any Club income after the budget amount is reached will be deposited into the permanent fund.



Section 1:    ​These Bylaws may be amended or changed at any meeting where a quorum is present, on a motion by a member in good standing, which is seconded, and then passed by majority vote, by Club Members at any meeting where a quorum is present.


Section 1:    The Club may be dissolved by a majority vote of Club Members. In the event of cessation of business operation or dissolution, the Treasurer shall distribute Club assets and archive Club records in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Upon dissolution of the Club, the Treasurer shall return all borrowed property and pay all Club debts and expenses out of Club assets. Upon dissolution of the Club, assets remaining after payment of Club debts will be disbursed to other similar tax exempt associations and corporations recognized by the IRS and classified as Chapter 501 corporations, and no asset will inure to the benefit of any person or organization not classified as a non profit charitable, educational, or historical organization in good standing with all governmental regulations.


 Quorum is defined as members present at any Club meetings prior to an event or any meeting duly called by the President.

Majority vote is defined as vote of a majority of a member quorum at any duly called meeting.

Member in good standing is defined as a person, who has paid their annual membership dues, and one who has not been suspended from the Club for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Amendments: 02-09-13, 03-20-2018, 01-06-2019