Presidents Note

Hello and welcome to the State Line Garden Tractor Association website.

Please see our Events page for a full schedule of events for 2023. Come join us! interested in competing, or just want to watch. We strive to make this a fun club to join. We have a $25.00 Membership fee that covers you for the full season. We do not charge a per hook fee unless we are doing a special benefit event. Please feel free to contact us on our CONTACT page for any questions. We are a very laid back group and feel that is important to keep the FUN in each of our events. Have a garden tractor but don't want to modify it. We have a class for you! Join our hometown class its a no modification class great for everyone! We look forward to moving back into a full schedule for 2023! 

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No modifications required. Attachments can remain attached but must be disabled,

2009 - 2023 Celebrating over a decade of learning and friendships




Modifications are allowed see rules page for details. wheelie bars adjustable hitch kill switch dead-man throttle all mandatory.


Engine modifications, locked rear end, pro pulling tires all permitted see rules page for complete details



VENUE:     Spring Fling  

WHERE:    21700 Wilmot Road "THE FARM"  

DATE:        MAY 20 2023    

TIME:         12:00 Noon 


Scale opens at 11:00AM