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Kenosha WI.

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LAST UPDATED 3.17.2018



Our Stock classes consist of 1000 lb (with driver) adult and youth (under 16) 1200 lb adult and youth. These pullers can have modifications as listed on our rules page. such as additional weight brackets, exhaust modification, adjustable hitch height, rim and tire modification, minor engine changes. 

hot stock


     Our Monthly Membership meetings will resume March 21st at the Birchwood Grill 7515 125th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53142 meeting starts at 7:00 and will continue the third Wednesday of each month March thru November.      We will be presenting some new incentives to the membership we feel that these Incentives will help to get more members to each event. The directors are excited to propose these changes and feel the membership will be excited as well.

    Please see our Events page the 2018 schedule is now posted.

    I will do my best to update and post every month this year. 


      Welcome to the State Line Garden Tractor website. We are located near the Illinois S.E. Wisconsin borders in Bristol Wi. We were established officially in April 2009 and continue to grow every season we get some new members that enjoy the fun education and spirit of competion you get from garden tractors whether showing off your stuff or sharing your experiances on or off the track.

      We invite you to join us! There is currently no charge to spectate at our HOME events. Weekend warriors want to give it a go bring out your mower and compete in our hometown class. Got a puller bring it out and pull in our stock classes. Got something a little more than stock thats ok compete in our hot stock classes. Got something you just want to see what it will do we will hook you up!(considering you pass the safety inspection) We are trying to keep this sport inexpensive for the whole family! our annual membership is only $20.00 or just come out and compete for the day for only $12.00 as a non member.our annual show is held during the Kenosha County Fair in August. lot's of fun and a full display of our gardentractors.


Our Hot Stock classes consist of 1100 lb and 1300 lb adult and youth. this is the second season for this class tractors not eligible for the stock class can compete in this class such as locked rear ends and professional pulling tires excessive hitch height diesel and twins also qualify. 

Our Hometown class is completely stock lawnmowers no modifications allowed the deck or snow plow can be attached but we ask that the blades be disconnected for safety. No hitch modifications, No added weight brackets, Wheelie bars optional, No engine modifications. 


State Farm

twin lakes WI.

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