Minor modifications are allowed see rules page for details. wheelie bars adjustiable hitch kill switch deadman throttle all manditory.

We are back in the saddle again celebrating over a decade of family events and competition. We will be meeting at the Birchwood Grill 7:00pm on the third Wednesday of the month starting April 21 2021. We will be in one of the front meeting rooms. Come join us!!

2009 - 2019 Celebrating 10 years




As the season rolls out your board has met to discuss the pandemic and how it affects us. Even though Safer at home orders have receded in Wisconsin, we feel that it is important to observe the CDC and University of Wisconsin of public health recommendations. 
   We feel that you and your family, and your work family are very important to us in flattening the curve. We are taking into consideration that we are doing an outside activity. That said we feel that it is best to limit all pulling events to THE FARM this season. We will not be participating in any other venues no parades, no barrel train events. This limits our exposure to the public and allows us to honor social distancing. We will provide hand sanitizer at the events and ask that you please bring your own chairs in order to help support this effort. We are hopeful that our first event will Be some time in May. 
 We will be resuming our normal meeting schedule at BIRCHWOOD GRILL Kenosha Wisconsin 7515 125th avenue. 7:00pm. 
  A question has come up on speed limits the max speed of a Stock cub cadet in third is 6.8 MPH so kids class we will hold to 5MPH as we expect an adult to be able to control the tractor. We are thinking 8MPH for adults may be 10MPH we will leave that open and monitor speeds this season.


Engine modifications, locked rear end, pro pulling tires all permitted see rules page for complete details

No modifications! This class is intended to be entry level. Only wheelie bars will be permitted. Attachments can remain attached but must be disabled,





DATE:            MAY, (TBD April 21st) 


TIME:             (TBD April 21st)